This funding supports visits from distinguished scholars, visiting faculty, writers, performing artists and professors of practice. The primary purpose of such visits will be to engage Davidson College students in innovative, stimulating, and meaningful ways. Preferences will be given to visits that enhance new areas of inquiry or promote new cross-disciplinary initiatives.

The DRI-Group Investigations Program provides funding for off-campus trips that support the learning objectives of a course or that provide a learning opportunity that enhances the undergraduate experience. Applications for a spring semester course/program (including summer trips) are due October 5th in the prior semester; applications for a fall semester course/program (including winter break) are due February 1st of the prior semester. Funding is limited to $15,000 per grant. 

Faculty members planning international programs, even optional excursions, must work with the Office of Education Abroad to ensure that all Davidson-sponsored travel follows consistent policies for program development, student selection and preparation, and sound risk management for travel plans.  All programs must also operate in accordance with the College's expectations for responsible budgetary practices.  Leaders receiving grants for group travel will sign an agreement collected by the Office of Education Abroad on behalf of the VPAA.

Please share your proposed student group travel plans with the Office of Education Abroad by completing this form no later than September 1 for spring and summer programs and February 1 for fall programs.  The Director or Assistant Director of Education Abroad will follow up with you regarding next steps upon receipt of the form.  Please also review the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad and the Davidson Academic Excursions Leader Agreement for further information about general practices and expectations for taking students abroad.

Funds may be provided to assist with the publication of manuscripts that have received final acceptance for publication by a scholarly press or public dissemination of artistic work. A copy of the letter of agreement and any invoices must be submitted with the application. Fundable expenses include: cost of reprints of articles published in scholarly journals; per page journal fees (not covered by publisher or royalties); indexing; preparation of photos, line drawings, or other artistic assistance; expenses related to exhibitions in which their work will be shown. A funding ceiling for these grants will be established on an annual basis by the VPAA. 


  1. Only tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply.
  2. These grants are independent of FS&R applications.
  3. Decisions are made by the Associate Dean of Faculty on a rolling basis.
  4. Submit letter of agreement and receipts to Fuji Lozada ( and Donella Mayes (

Application Deadline: Rolling.

Applications for summer research can be submitted until January 10, 2022.

In the application, you will enter your faculty mentor's email address and they will receive an email link to complete an advising/mentoring plan. We recommend that you send your proposal and a copy of this advising/mentoring form to your faculty mentor before you complete the application. They will complete an online version of the form, but it will be helpful for them to see the questions in advance.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Federal tax must be paid at the time of disbursement of grant funds, up to 30% maximum, but only 14% if your country of origin has a treaty benefit with the US.  Taxes will be withheld from each grant deposit made to your account.  You are also required to pay 6% state tax, but that will not be withheld from your grant deposits. It is your responsibility to report this income to the state. We advise you to reach out to Susan Caldwell ( to determine your federal/state tax status so that you may account for this in your budget.  

You are submitting a grant proposal for a Faculty Study and Research Grant. The regular cycle application period ends on Monday, January 31, 2022. Please note that requests are limited to $4,000 for tenure-track and tenured faculty and $1,500 for a visiting faculty member in a continuing position. While faculty may choose to support students with Faculty Study and Research support, the application must be clearly written to reflect the faculty members research, goals and anticipated outcomes rather than outcomes related to the student experience and student training.  Applications submitted before November 1, 2021 or after the regular cycle period ends are considered Just In Time (JIT)

The Center for Teaching & Learning and Dean Rusk Grants